Troubled by Acne? Here’s an Acne Diet that Works!

Troubled by Acne? Here’s an Acne Diet that Works!

Acne plagues a huge number of teens and young adults. People with naturally oily skin tend to fall victim to acne, usually in the the adolescent stages. You’ve probably heard all the comforting remarks … “you’ll grow out of this stage and when the rest of your peers are looking wrinkled in their 40s, you’ll be looking young…”. However, that’s not much comfort today. While it is true that people with more natural oil in their skin do usually retain youthful skin for years longer than their dry-skinned counterparts, this doesn’t do you much good as a teen who desires a clear complexion now. An acne diet that works, both today and twenty years from now, is an effective solution to a clear complexion now and a youthful look in later years.

Diet is key to a good complexion, whether you are prone to acne or not. If you suffer from acne, take up this acne diet program and watch how your skin benefits, from simple changes and practices in the foods you eat.

The main nutrients which affect and nourish the skin are vitamins A, C, E and zinc. As you might guess, these nutrients are found in abundance in produce. Many people who suffer from acne are deficient in these nutrients. While you may think you’re getting plenty of produce, it may be that you need these nutrients in greater quantities than other people. Genetic factors can play a role. For example, the medical community consistently warns us of the dangers of too much sodium. However, certain ethnic groups, such as Native Americans and Eskimos, seem to have a need for large quantities of salt, while still maintaining perfect blood pressure.

The acne diet program should include extra amounts of the anti-acne nutrients to counteract the excess oil production, while still maintaining a healthy dose of nutrients which gives a proper balance between oils and well nourished skin.

Salads are the ideal menu item in the acne diet. Dark green, leafy veggies are full of nutrients which combat acne. Snip copious amounts of fresh parsley into every salad, along with brightly colored vegetables, such as citrus fruits, avocados (loaded with vitamin E), sweet bell peppers, a plentiful source of vitamin A and C, and avocados, replete with vitamin E. Fruit and vegetable juices are also an integral part of the acne diet program. Eating just one power-packed salad each day can reduce outbreaks of acne tremendously. Learn to like your produce.

Here’s a short list of the fruits and veggies which make up a successful acne diet: apples, avocados, grapes, blueberries, bananas, cantaloupe, artichokes, carrots, corn, broccoli and cucumbers. The acne diet program can find many ways to integrate these foods in to a delicious way to eliminate acne.

There are so many ways to vary your acne diet, you should never become bored with your menus. Try to use organically grown produce, as possible. You’ll get more bang for your nutrition buck this way.

As for the rest of your menu items, stay away from fatty and deep-fried foods. Likewise, avoid caffeine and saturated fats. Want a treat? Broil some fish and some garlic bread, brushed with olive oil to accompany your salad. Dice up a tomato and sprinkle some olives and minced garlic on top of the bread. Enjoy!

So what should you avoid in an acne diet program? Caffeine, sugar and fried foods.

These simple guidelines will lead you to a beautiful complexion!


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