How Do You Control Acne?

How Do You Control Acne?

Do you suffer from acne problems? Whether age-related or hereditary, acne control is a successful venture you can manage yourself!

When you get a zit, it can ruin your day, especially if you’re a teen, because you get them more often than adults. If you have severe acne, it might be hereditary. There’s an upside to this, because people with oily skin tend to age far more gracefully than those of us with dry skin! With a good acne control program, you can absolutely minimize acne problems, enjoying beautiful skin and looking better longer! Best of all, you can manage your acne problem yourself. Let’s take a look.

If others in your family have had acne problems in the past, make an acne prevention program a priority. Since you’re vulnerable, restrict fatty, fried and oily foods. For example, canned fish is often packed in oil, so when you shop for tuna, buy the type packed in water. Drink plenty of liquids on a daily basis. Water is good, but cranberry juice is excellent at cleaning your entire system of many toxins, a primary goal of any good acne control problem. Cleanse your face and body with a glycerine soap, which will not dry your skin so severely as other types of soaps. Oatmeal soap is also a good cleanser for acne conditions. The healthier your diet, the less prone you will be to frequent attacks of acne. After you clean your skin, apply a little witch hazel on a cotton ball to close the pores.

If you already suffer from acne problems, you’ll want to do everything in the acne prevention program outlined above, plus a few more steps and techniques to get the situation under control.

Consult with your doctor or pharmacist for a recommendation on a good multi-vitamin supplement. You’ll want to be sure that the particular formula supplies 100{08cfc9f6925663f39144bd290abe68afb856ff15ab2ccdd8fa4618a0a77fdce6} of your requirements for vitamins A, E, C and the trace mineral zinc. These nutrients play an important role in having a nice complexion and healthy skin. Supplementing does not mean that you can ignore those fruits and veggies! Most have significant amounts of fiber, helping to detoxify your system, as well as supplying valuable antioxidants.

If you take just one herbal supplement, Burdock root is highly recommended in an effective acne control program. Consult a qualified herbalist at your local herb shop for information on dosage. Also, talk to your pharmacist or physician on possible interactions with other medications you’re taking. Burdock root is a tonic blood cleanser found to be of great value in acne control.

While there are many excellent acne products on the market, these are topical, more of a cosmetic cover, but don’t address the nutritional needs. Excellent nutrition is key to acne control. In this case, beauty works from the inside out! Follow your acne control program on a consistent, daily basis. You’ll soon see a significant and beautiful, new you!


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